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Membership Benefits

Members of NZACS gain access to PI Insurance at bulk discount rates and assistance in
times of need by experienced architects.

Cautionary Tale

Completion Certificates.  

The usual purposes of completion certificates are to verify practical completion in terms of the contract, and/or sufficient for occupation, and/or as required for finance purposes. 

If defects are later discovered, there is a potential for a claim on the basis that you approved unacceptable work. 

Do not be pressured into issuing a certificate you may later have cause to regret. 

Do not assume that “conditions” you attach to a certificate will later be interpreted as you intend.

Members are entitled to

  • Use the resources and guidance notes prepared by NZACS
  • Apply for the professional indemnity cover arranged through NZACS
  • Apply for other insurance cover arranged in association with NZACS
  • Access claims committee assistance in the event of an actual or potential claim under the professional indemnity cover arranged through NZACS
  • Access the NZACS Rules of Incorporation via this website

Full membership is available to:

  • Firms (including sole practitioners) practising architecture in NZ who have at least one principal a member of NZIA,
  • Companies practising architecture in NZ who have at least one director a member of NZIA

Associate membership is available to:

  • Graduates from recognised schools of architecture in NZ who have been accepted as Graduate members of NZIA
  • Members of ADNZ who meet the requirements of a “Professional Member” (or would do so upon being accepted for professional indemnity cover arranged through NZACS)
  • Other persons who in the opinion of the Board should by reason of their association or connection with the practice of architecture or the building industry be granted associate membership
  • (NOTE:  Associate members are entitled to apply for PI cover and to access the claims committee, but not to vote nor stand for the Board)

To join NZACS:

  • Download and use the membership form 
  • Submit with application fee $50
  • Purchase one $10 share in the society
  • Please contact the Secretary for further information, or for printed copies
  • Your application will be subject to approval by the Board which meets quarterly
  • If accepted as a member, you will receive an invoice marked "paid" from the Secretary soon after the Board meeting

To apply for PI Cover

  • You may apply for PI cover at the same time as applying for membership
  • You must be an NZACS member before being accepted for cover
  • Download and use the professional liability proposal (application form)
  • If accepted for cover, you will be sent a notice of the assessed premium for acceptance
  • The cover comes into force when Aon receives your acceptance.  You will then be invoiced for it.
  • Please contact Aon for further information, or for printed copies

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